PIN set option

You may set a PIN code via PASHA Bank and Kapital Bank ATM's. To set a PIN code please follow the steps below:

• Insert the card into the ATM;
• Choose “PIN Set” option from the pop-up menu;
• Enter any 4-digit code on the pop-up screen and confirm with the green button;
• Repeat the code on the next screen, and then confirm the PIN by clicking on the green button.
Your PIN code is set.


1. For security reasons, the PIN code should not be too simple:
- It is not recommended to enter 3 or 4 digits in a row with a series of increasing or decreasing sequences, such as Х123 or 765Х
- It is not recommended to enter 3 or 4 digits, for example Х888, 777Х
2. After the PIN has been assigned, the card will be activated automatically.

Mobıle Applıcatıon

PASHA Bank Mobile application is an easy and safe access to your cards. At any time, you can:
• Transfer money to a person;
• Check the balance of funds;
• Receive statements and details of card and current accounts via e-mail;
• Carry out various operations;
• Apply for a loan;
• Use other services.

3D Secure Service

During your card operations in Azerbaijan or abroad, card information can be stolen using hidden devices, web pages and other means to withdraw money from your account. The 3D Secure Service minimizes the risk of fraud. When making a payment on the Internet with a card subscribed to the 3D Secure Service, the Client can proceed with the payment only after entering one time password received via SMS.
In order to subscribe 3D Secure Service, call the number *9123/ (+99412) 496 50 00.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System

Calling to number *9123 / (+99412) 496 50 00, you will be able to perform the following operations without communication with an operator:
• Information on the balance of accounts;
• Block/unblock of card;
• SMS notification service activation / deactivation / number change;
• Get account statements by e-mail.

Onlıne Queue Servıce

For your convenience and time saving, the Bank provides an opportunity to make an appointment at respective branch in advance. To use this service, it is enough to follow the link or use relevant menu in the Mobile application.

Loyalty Programm

A special loyalty program was developed for PASHA Bank cardholders, which allows you to enjoy exclusive discounts all through the year.

Advantages Of PASHA Lıfe Insurance Product

Transferring a certain part of your gross income in favor of insurance company, you not only insure your life, but also get interest on the transferred amount, according to the terms of product. Moreover, you can use the credit line according the amount of accumulated funds in PASHA Life Insurance.

Distance Banking Services

You can use below listed services without visiting branches.

Replenishment of card and current accounts:
Through the network of terminals MilliÖn, you can pay the loan, also replenish both the current and card accounts. To perform an operation on the account, you will need the following information: serial and ID number, as well as customer code (CIF). After selecting the account, you can continue the operation;
• Through the 3D payment and Personal cabinet service on the corporate website of the Bank, you can replenish your card and current account not only by PASHA Bank cards, but also by cards of other local banks;
ATMs with Cash-in service allows you to place necessary amount to card accounts. Also, all PASHA Bank ATMs allow you to transfer money from one card to another through the Card-to-Card service, change PIN code of the card through the PIN Change service, and activate the SMS notification service.

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