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  • During the pandemic, customers' access to the branch has been limited. For this reason, discrepancies may occur at the times indicated in the online queue.

Contact Centre

PASHA Bank's Contact Centre provides detailed and accurate information about the Bank's services and products and enables you to benefit from those products and services without visiting Bank’s branches.

By contacting the Call Center, you can benefit from the following services by passing authentication:
1) Unblocking the plastic card;
2) Activate 3D secure service / Deactivate 3D secure service / Providing information about the registered mobile number / Changing the number;
3) Elimination of limits on operations in regions of high-risk group;
4) Resetting unsuccessful PIN attempts;
5) Card balance/Account balance;
6) Plastic card blocking;
7) Unblocking of Internet banking user / Password renewal;
8) Providing information on loan debt / its status;
9) Verification and approval of the e-mail address registered in the system;
10) Receiving information on whether salary is reflected on respective account;
11) Verification of transactions processed with card (while providing information on the amount of Blocked Amount);
12) Cashing tariff according to the type of card - salary cards;
13) Checking the status of the plastic card (active / deactivate, with the exception of newly acquired cards).

Identification is not required for below brought inquiries while applying to the Contact Centre:
1) Tariffs on payment cards;
2) Connection of the 3D secure service to the number in the system;
3) Tariffs for individual / corporate services;
4) Bank requisites;
5) Exchange rates;
6) List of documents / application forms for opening of the account;
7) Information on banking products;
8) Receipt of client applications, complaints and suggestions;
9) Information on whether amount has been blocked or not - Registration of inquiries concerning the blocked amount;
10) Addresses and statuses of the ATMs;
11) Addressing general inquiries about POS terminals / Checking of transactions;
12) General information on deposits / loans;
13) General inquiries on Intrenet banking/Mobile application;
14) Provision of customer requisites (IBAN);
15) Sending of statements to the e-mail address registered in the system;
16) Cashing tariff depending on card type: Cards for personal use.