TacirkartThe leading corporate bank of the country - PASHA Bank presents a unique card product to the market to support the businessmen - Tajir Card.

Tajir Card is beneficial for both trading parties: at present, the owners of the retail facilities purchase the goods from the large distributors delivering the order to the addresses. Entrepreneurs pay for purchased good by cash or bank transfer. PASHA Bank offers a unique network for Tajir Card users thus ensuring the expansion and operations efficiency of trade relationships.

One of the most important advantages for the Distributor is that when using Tajir Card in PASHA POS Terminals, 18% VAT is automatically calculated and, at the same time, it is automatically deducted from the payment and transferred to the tax deposit account on behalf of the Entrepreneur. Shipping agents provided with a POS Terminal will be able to accept the cashless payments directly.


This card gives the entrepreneurs the opportunity to make an automated payment, which enables them to operate without cash, to be more flexible and swift.

According to PASHA Bank's Chief Commercial Director Melih Mengu, the Bank considers business needs of the customers as a main criterion during the development of the products and services. "We are sure that Tajir Card will give ample opportunities to the customers of the Bank and will assist them in using competitive advantages of the businesses" - finalized M. Mengu.

Main advantages of Tajir Card:

For entrepreneurs:

•      Transfer from cash payments to cashless payments within short period of time
•      Facilitated reporting
•      Opportunity to benefit from the credit line of the card
•      Setting various limits for each Distributor

For distributor companies:

•      Transfer to cashless way of payment
•      Effective management of the company cash flow
•      Acceptance of payment via mobile POS Terminal
•      Reduction of risks related to the cash payments
•      Same day settlement of the funds in the account
•      Elimination of collection services
•      Facilitated reporting
•      Setting individual credit limits for entrepreneurs