PASHA Bank offers you a simple and affordable way to transfer funds via MilliÖN payment terminals, which are located in public areas across Azerbaijan. This convenient payment method gives you a number of advantages, including:
• Quick and easy transfer of funds to your current, credit and card (except salary cards) accounts at any time of day;
• Paying bills and making loan repayments without having to visit your local bank;
• Immediate transfer of funds if payments are made on a business day (transfers are completed on the next business day if a payment is made on weekends and holidays);
• Multi-currency payments (AZN, USD, EUR and RUB);
• No commission for either the payer or the payee.

Terms of use

Slide 1. Select the "Banking Services" section of the main page and press "Next".
Slide 2. Select "PASHA Bank" and press "Next".
Slide 3. Enter "Customer ID"*, ID card serial number** or Tax ID number*** and press "Next".
* Your Customer ID number is the identification number provided by PASHA Bank when you opened your account.
** If you are making a payment to an individual, enter the serial number of the ID card in the format of AZEXXXXXXXX.
*** If you are making a payment to a legal entity or an individual engaged with Individual Entrepreneurship based on Tax ID number, enter Tax ID number.
Slide 4. Check your details are correct then press "Yes".
Slide 5. Select Card / Account Type and press "Next".
Slide 6. Select payment currency and press "Next".
Slide 7. Enter the amount you want to transfer and press "Next".
Make sure you keep the receipt confirming the transfer was successful, as this is needed as proof of payment.