Factoring services

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Taking into account the importance of receivables in business activity, each manufacturer or supplier desires to receive the payment for sold products or rendered services as soon as possible, while the buyer accepting these products and services would like to make these payments as late as possible.

PASHA Bank offers the factoring service for financing of currents assets in such cases. With this service the companies have an opportunity to finance up to 90% of invoiced value of local and foreign payables and receivables.

PASHA Bank offers its Customers such sub-products of factoring services as domestic factoring, reverse factoring, invoice discounting, import/export factoring, financing of purchase orders, depending on the type, operations model and geography of transactions.

The number of companies utilizing PASHA Bank’s factoring services increases every year. Within 10 months of 2017 the overall turnover volume using the factoring services has increased for 18% as compared to the respective period of 2016. Additionally, the number of financed invoices has increased for 36% respectively. This service is available not only to PASHA Bank customers, but also to other legal entities and entrepreneurs operating in the country. Opening an account in PASHA Bank will suffice to benefit from the service.

PASHA Bank is the first and only a member of Factors Chain International among the banks in Azerbaijan. The Bank became a member in 2015.


By Utilizing factoring service, Supplier receives invoice payment of the services and products sold on time and Buyer pays its debt to Bank within the terms of contract

Reverse factoring

Reverse Factoring - is a financial service where a Bank (Factor) pays the payables of business clients (Buyers) on behalf of them to their debt holders (Suppliers)

International factoring

Because of this service, every exporter company can receive payment for its services and products sold on time and Importer Company can pay later for the services and products bought within international trade operations

Purchase Order Financing

Financing of a Purchase Order submitted by a Buyer to a Supplier (Customer)

For additional information about the service, please contact PASHA Bank Business Centers, Contact Center at (994 12) 496 50 04 /*8123 or factoring@pashabank.az email address.