The main principle of the work of PASHA Bank is customer satisfaction, because this, what believe is the foundation of long-term and beneficial cooperation. Therefore, it is essential for us to be on the same wave with the customers and aware of their views on the quality of the products and services we offer. You can share with us your opinion by sending us an email to or by calling the phone number *8123/+99412 496 50 04 (for Corporate Customers), *9123/+99412 496 50 00 (for Individual Customers:).

PASHA Bank team constantly works on bringing the quality of the offered services and products in line with the highest international standards and we are proud to tell that we have succeeded in this a great deal. However, as any new and rapidly developing institution we do face our challenges. Our future as a successful institution depends on how we meet and overcome those challenges. This is where we need the help of our customers. We would highly appreciate if you share with our Service Channels Management your concerns and suggestions on the quality of the services that PASHA Bank offers. If you have any comments on the quality of services/products you are offered at PASHA Bank please kindly fill in appropriate form.

Brief summary of internal rules on receiving and reviewing the complaints and suggestions

Internal rules on receiving and reviewing the complaints and suggestions in “PASHA Bank” OJSC

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