PASHA Bank offers POS terminal services for retail and service enterprises in order to receive cashless payments.

Advantages and abilities of POS terminal services:

- Increased volume of sales as a result of cashless payments by card users;
- Increased volume of sales as a result of card owner customers with larger payment abilities;
- Decreased cash acceptance and counting workload at the register;
- Reduced necessity for collection of cash, reduced risk in connection with acceptance, storage and transportation of cash;
- Reduced necessity in small bills and coins used as a change for customers;
- Reduced risk of storage of cash at the register
- Faster payments and reduced lines at the register due to POS Terminal service, especially where contactless POS Terminal and integration of POS Terminal with cash register is.
- Increased sales as a result of establishment of new sales channels (on-line shop and site) using virtual POS services, as well as reduction of various expenses (rent, salaries for employees, etc.) in shops with traditional sales channels and offices.

PASHA Bank provides full training on terminal operation to salespersons and finance officers of sales and service entities during the installation of POS terminals.