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Trade financing

Finance from not expensive international resources by opening letters of credit

Who can use

Small and medium-sized enterprises (legal entities and individual entrepreneurs) engaged in foreign economic activity

Post-import financing

• Financing of import contracts of customers where payment method is letter of credit opened by PASHA Bank in favor of the exporter on behalf of a client-importer
• The distinctive feature of the usual trade finance transaction is that the opening of a letter of credit is made without cash collateral requirement. Payment to the exporter is made from internationally attracted funds, and the importer is granted with grace period for repayment

The advantages of post-import financing

Inexpensive financing

Possibility of long-term financing - capital investment

Delivery on more favorable terms - due to payment upon delivery

The risks under the delivery of goods are eliminated

Provision of guaranteed payment to the supplier for the goods delivered

Comprehensive support of transaction by bank specialists

Post-export financing

• Financing of export deliveries of customers, the form of settlement of which is a letter of credit opened in favor of the exporting client and confirmed by PASHA Bank
• The foreign issuing bank opened a letter of credit makes its payments on the letter of credit within the period determined by the terms of the post-export agreement between PASHA Bank and the issuing bank (which is the source of repayment of the debt of the exporting client)

Advantages of post-export financing

Exporter's competitive advantage - deferred payment for the buyer

Liquidity - payment upon delivery of goods

Elimination of the risks of payment for goods

Lack of strict requirements for the provision of collateral security

Comprehensive support of transaction by bank specialists

Terms of international trade financing

• Minimum amount of funding - 50,000 EURO/USD
• Maximum amount of financing - 100% of the contract
• Financing term - as a rule, up to 12 months (with the possibility of considering a longer-term period when financing capital investments)

How to get international trade financing?


Submit an application to the Bank’s branches or submit an application on the website


Provide a package of documents for consideration

Apply or place a request

For a business with annual turnover up to 8 million

Are you a legal entity/private entrepreneur?*:

For additional information please contact PASHA Bank Business Centers, Contact Center at (994 12) 496 50 04 /*8123 or email address.



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