Mobile application for Individual clients

PASHA Bank has launched new Mobile Bank application for Android (Play Market) and iOS (App Store) based smartphones and tablets.

The application enables users to execute following bank operations through PASHA Bank payment cards from personal profile without approaching the Bank:

• Transaction history and account balance information for card accounts;
• Get card or account statement and details by e-mail;
• Block and unblock payment cards;
• Process various payments through bank cards (utility and mobile payments, state duty and penalty charges etc.);
• Card-to-card transfers from PASHA Bank cards to payment cards issued by other Banks;
• Activate or deactivate SMS Notification, change number for this service;
• Call directly to Contact Center, send an e-mail to the Bank or visit official web site;
• Review current PASHA Bank loan products and apply to them;
• Payment of PASHA Bank retail loans by other local bank’s cards;
• PrePayment of PASHA Bank retail loans by other local bank’s cards;
• Renew or replace debit card;
• Use Touch ID for secure access to application;
• Debit card application;
• PASHA Life Insurance card application;
• Online queue service;
• Parking payments service;
• Application for Letter to Embassy etc.

- Enter PIN code of ID card or 16 digit number of your card;
- Select phone number to receive activation code;
- Enter activation code and fill in personal information.

For Android (Play Market) based smartphones and tablets:

For iOS (App Store) based smartphones and tablets:

State duties
Landline Internet Cable TV
SMS notification
Connect to service
Change number
Stop service
Between own cards
To other cards
Transaction history
By period
By operation type
By payment type
7/24 support
Our Contact Centre provides wide range of services
Card block
Card unblock
All information is saved in line with PCIDSS standard.
Previously created templates will enable you to make future payments faster and easier.
PASHA Bank loan
Loan application
Loan repayment
Loan Prepayment


Frequently Asked Questions

How safe the application is?

Why I can't get a statement for more than a year?

For additional information please contact PASHA Bank Business Centers, Contact Center at (994 12) 496 50 00 or email address.