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Internet Banking

PASHA Bank offers its customers Internet Banking services based on modern technologies. Internet Banking enables the customers to use number of bank services remotely via banking services technologies without visiting the bank.

Advantages of the service 

- 24/7 availability from anywhere in the world.
- Ability to start transactions from any computer through logging in with the special key offered to authorized staff.
- Reduced work load of company employees, elimination of time consuming visits to the bank which leads to convenience and satisfaction of the employees
- This service does not require special hardware and software.


- Local payments - Payments within the Republic of Azerbaijan
- International payments - payments with foreign currency outside the country
- Conversion operations - purchase and sales of foreign currency
- Account statements - obtaining statements for any period
- Account balance - information about the balance in the account
- Information about card balance
- Information about loans
- Information about deposits
- Information about currency exchange fees  

Signing up for the service

The customer shall receive Login and Password for Internet Banking System upon signing the relevant documents for Internet Banking services in PASHA Bank Business Centers. Bank personnel will provide briefing and full consultation support for company employees on usage of Internet Banking services.

Customers signed up for Internet Banking service can login into the Internet Banking System 24/7 via the following link.

Internet Banking

What is Asan Imza user ID?

I cannot log in via Asan Imza

Problems that occur when I enter User name and password

My account is blocked

I forgot my password

The system is failing while processing, therefore I have to log in again

Information on my card account is not displayed. What is the reason?

Previous system payments are not displayed – not visible to the user

New templates are not displayed

Why some of the created templates do not display bank information?

Why budget payments are not processed?

Foreign currency accounts are not displayed on domestic payments

I receive notification of template creation error

I have used created template once only, but now it is not on display

What happens if transaction was conducted on close of business day?

Why cannot I dial MFO (bank code) manually?

Where can I get records on SWIFT transaction?

Do I have to fill data on correspondent bank?

Where can I see information on commissions while creating Payment order?

How can I exchange currency on individual rate?

I have completed all the fields, yet a notice of error still pops-up

I cannot see information on my statements

Information on statements, provided by Internet Banking does not meet all my requirements

I want to see more detailed information on POS terminal transactions

Where can I see information on Card transactions?

Where can I see commission amounts on account statements?

How can I observe changes in the status of my payments?

Where can I sign payment transactions, if I have right of signature

Can I delete incorrectly created payment?

I have money on my account, however, I cannot make payment transaction

How does the signing of payments work

New payment was created, but my supervisor/ director cannot certify it

How can I delete semi-authorized payments

Can an Authorized signatory change or modify payment transaction, created by another user

What kind of payments can I conduct via “Bulk Payment”?

What kind of salary types exist?

For additional information please contact PASHA Bank Business Centers, Contact Center at (994 12) 496 50 00 /*9123 or email address.