Composition of Big Credit Committee:
1. PASHA Holding, Deputy Director of the Business Group, Vugar Akhundov – Member
2. PASHA Holding, Risk Manager of the Risk department, Ruslan Hasanov – Member.

Functions of the committee:
3.1. The purpose of the Committee is to assist the Supervisory Board in managing credit risk in accordance with the Bank's accepted lending policy. For this purpose, the Committee has the following competencies:
3.1.1. Granting of loans to legal entities and individual entrepreneurs on behalf of the Bank / opening of credit lines, increase the credit line or credit line limit subject to the limits set out herein, extension of the term and alteration of other terms (except for credit restructuring issues), making a decision on changing and securing the guarantee on such loans up to the amount determined by the Supervisory Board decision.
3.1.2. The issuance of letters of credit, guarantees and other credit risk-bearing transaction decisions on behalf of the Bank up to the amount determined by the Supervisory Board's decision; the determination and extension of the validity period, and the adoption of a decision to amend other terms, subject to the conditions set out herein.
3.1.3. If the total amount of limits on above mentioned issues exceeds the limit set by the Supervisory Board decision on a client, the Committee shall review the matter (s) to provide initial comments and suggestions. In this case, the issue with the comments and suggestions of the Committee should be submitted to the Supervisory Board for consideration, after review by the Committee and after initial comments and recommendations.
3.1.4. To submit comments and proposals on the Bank's credit policy to the Supervisory Board.
3.1.5. Execute other tasks assigned by the Supervisory Board to the Committee.