Composition of Assets and Liabilities Management Committee:
1. Member of the Executive Board, Chief Financial Officer, Bahruz Naghiyev - Chairman of the Committee;
2. Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board, Chief Commercial Officer - Javid Guliyev - Member of the Committee;
3. Member of the Executive Board, Chief Risk Officer - Hayala Nagiyeva - Member of the Committee;
4. Director of Strategy Department, Agshin Mirzazade - Member of the Committee;
5. Director of Treasury Department, Jeyhun Hajiyev - Member of the Committee;
6. Director, Accounting & External Reporting Department Elchin Alizade – Member of the Committee;
7. Director, Risk Management Department Orkhan Vahabov - Member of the Committee.

Functions of the committee:
• Effective management of the bank's assets;
• Effective management of market risk;
• Control of the bank's financial position.