Composition of Risk Management Committee:
1. Member of the Supervisory Board - Shahin Mammadov - Chairman of the Committee;
2. “PASHA Holding” LLC, Director of Group Risk Management Department –Asef Huseynov- Member of the Committee;
3. “PASHA Holding” LLC Business Group Representative - Vugar Akhundov - Member of the Committee;
4. “PASHA Investment” LLC, Investment Director - Ulvi Baghirov - Member of the Committee;
5. Member of The Executive Board, Chief Risk Officer - Hayala Nagiyeva - Member of the Committee;
6. Member of the Executive Board, Chief Financial Officer - Bahruz Naghiyev - Member of the Committee;
7. Member of the Executive Board, - Jalal Orujov - Member of the Committee;
8. Chairman of Audit Committee - Parvin Ahadzade - Member of the Committee (Non-Voting Member According To The “Corporate Governance Standards in Banks”).

Functions of the committee:
• Submission for approval of the Supervisory Board risk management strategies, policies and regulations, as well as their modification and confirmation;
• Inspection and presentation risk limit to the Supervisory Board for approval;
• Assigning a specific method of risk identification and assessment, as well as selection tools, and determine the frequency of their implementation;
• Preparation of a report on the status of risks faced by the Bank, and the efficiency of the risk management system, as well as submission of them to the Supervisory Board;
• Conducting monitoring of risks accepted by bank for compliance risk management strategy;
• Submission to the Supervisory Board proposals for improving the risk management system;
• Evaluate the work of Risk Management Department and inform Supervisory Board and the Executive Board on the outcomes of assessment;
• Make suggestions to the Supervisory Board on the powers of structural subdivisions and other internal departments, which execute risk management function;
• Inspect plan for emergencies, along with the Executive Board and present to Supervisory Board;
• Submit to Supervisory Board candidated for Risk Management Department's Director;
• Perform other duties stipulated by law.