Composition of Nomination and Rewards Committee
1. Member of Supervisory Board, Shahin Mammadov – Chairman
2. PASHA Holding LLC, Chief Executive Officer Jalal Gasimov – independent member
3. PASHA Holding LLC, Director of Human Recourses and Administrative affairs Department Aytan Abbasli – independent member
4. PASHA Holding LLC, Head of Business Group and Deputy Chief Executive Officer Farid Mammadov – independent member
5. PASHA Bank, Chief Risk Officer, Member of the Executive Board Hayala Naghiyeva – member.

Functions of the committee:
• The Nomination and Remuneration Committees of the Bank is formed to conduct preliminary examination and provide recommendations to the relevant supervisory boards of the Bank with respect to priority tasks of nomination and remuneration policies of the Bank.
• The Committee shall report to the Supervisory Board of the Bank on a regular basis.
• The Committee shall act under the powers granted thereto by the Board and in accordance with the relevant internal regulations concerning the Committee of the Bank.
• The work of the Committee shall be governed by the applicable laws of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the internal regulations regarding the Committee of the Bank, resolutions of the Board, and other applicable internal documents of the Bank, approved by the General Meeting of Shareholders and the Board, as well as by own resolutions.