Our sponsorship activities mainly include sports tournaments and cultural events. We focus on the development of tennis as it is considered to be a “noble sports” and the aim of the sponsorship project is to support the youth and make tennis more accessible for the citizens of our country. We provided sponsorship to a number of international tournaments and junior events which took place in Baku. International tournaments among junior of two age groups - 14 and 16-year old juniors - dedicated to the memory of H.Aliyev, championships “PASHA Bank Cup European Tennis Tournament” and “Baku Cup” in 2011 and 2012 were organized with PASHA Bank financial support. With the aim to promote healthy lifestyle we have organized PASHA Bank Cup European Tennis Tournament among the youth. It gathered 115 young sportsmen from 15 countries. Participants from Russia, Ukraine, Byelorussia, Georgia, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Belgium, Turkey, Czech Republic, Luxemburg, Austria and Great Britain competed in two age groups (14 and 16). The tournaments financed by PASHA Bank gave an opportunity to the students of Baku Tennis Academy to gain experience in international tournaments.

In 2012 PASHA Bank sponsored tennis tournament from the series of Women’s Tennis Association (WTA). These tournaments take place in different cities of the world – Barcelona, Copenhagen, Strasburg, Soul, etc. Sportswomen from different parts of the world attend these tournaments. PASHA Bank sponsored the last WTA tournament in 2012, which provided the local tennis fans with the opportunity to access the WTA tournaments in the Baku Tennis Academy.

Culture is the synonymous with civilization; it reflects the process of the development of the nation, values and beliefs. Music is a nucleus of the culture which does not recognize any borders and is a powerful instrument that influences and affects the hearts of people from different countries and of different ages. The success of the preservation and passing it to new generations depend on the performance – the legacy will be accepted and inherited with more enthusiasm if young generation is involved into the process. Therefore PASHA Bank supports cultural projects that provide public, especially young generation with access to music genres such as mugham and jazz, that were restricted once, however could overcome the confrontations of the history.

As a part of our corporate responsibility we aim to contribute to the preservation of the Azerbaijani cultural heritage and to passing it over the generations. Our sponsorship projects promote Azerbaijani culture, namely mugham, a core part of the folk music. The imperative to preserve mugham counters to the perceived loss of the cultural diversity caused by globalization and modernization.