Starting from 2012 PASHA Bank implements a scholarship project in partnership with Union of Youth Student Organizations of Azerbaijan aimed at encouraging talented and socially active students of local universities, as well as to reinforce the development of a strong human resource pool and future leaders for the private and public sectors.

The project supports talented young people – students who demonstrate academic excellence, leadership potential, and are socially active. We provide scholarship for students majoring in mathematics, economics, finance, audit and related subjects.

In the selection for the scholarship program the preference is given to the students, who actively participate at competitions and student contests, are engaged in social activities and strive for continuous development both as an individual and a professional. Our scholarship program encourages the best students, by motivating them to work harder, at the same time shaping more socially responsible future generation. The main purpose of the scholarship program is to develop youth awareness, to support, recognize and reward talented individuals whose intellectual potential will serve the further development and future achievement of the country.

In 2012 we selected 12 students who received a monthly scholarship of AZN 100 throughout a year.