PASHA Bank offers you a new generation of terminals KorpON, which will allow you to easily and quickly make individual and corporate payments

Advantages of KorpOn terminals:

  • Transfer of funds to current and card (except salary) accounts;
  • Ability to pay at terminals any time of the day without visiting the bank;
  • Instant transfer of funds to the account;
  • Ability to cash in 1200 banknotes per minute;
  • Ability to cash in any amount of money into the account.

Instruction of usage

Touch the screen on the main page to start the operation.

Select "PASHA Bank".

Enter customer code, FİN or VÖEN. Then click Continue.

* Client code refers to the identification number provided by the bank to the client who opened an account in PASHA Bank.
** If you are transferring the amount to an individual's account, enter the FİN of the ID card.
*** If you are transferring the amount to the account of a legal entity or individual entrepreneur under VÖEN, enter the VÖEN number.

After ensuring that the information you entered is correct, click the Continue.

Select the type of card/account.

Select the purpose of the payment from the drop-down list, or select "Enter a personal purpose" and leave a comment.

Recheck your account details and touch Continue.

Enter the required amount and touch the Start receiving.

After calculating the amount, the received amount is displayed on the right side of the screen.

Touch the Pay.

After successful completion, do not forget to take the receipt confirming the transaction. In case of difficulties with the transfer, you must provide a receipt.

For more information on issues that may arise when using the service, you can write to info@korpon.az or contact KorpON support at (994 12) 433 99 33 and (994 99) 433 99 33.

You can also contact the PASHA Bank’s call center at (994 12) 496 50 00 or e-mail customer.care@pashabank.az.