The largest international financial forum SIBOS opens today in Osaka city. Several thousand representatives of leading credit and financial organizations from all over the world take part in this event.

As always, representatives of leading banks, financial structures and corporations, as well as consultants, developers of equipment and solutions for the financial sphere will take part in this forum. Meetings of SIBOS will be focused on discussions of a wide range of existing problems in global finance industry, including issues of the interaction of banks and major corporations all around the world, introduction of new financial services, and development of capital markets, improvement of risk management systems and many others.

Participation of PASHA Bank in this forum is a favourable opportunity for the presentation of the Bank's own potential and achievements during the last year. «This is the third international forum SIBOS, that we actively participate in. Such events support development of new business relations, give us a chance to become familiar with innovations in banking, etc. In other words, SIBOS - is the «bank field», which opens new horizons for the players of the world market», - mentioned CEO of PASHA Bank Farid Akhundov.

Forum will continue until November 1.