PASHA Bank - one of the backbone banks of the country - continues to actively participate in the market of securities PASHA Bank started rendering market maker services for mortgage bonds of the Mortgage Fund of Azerbaijan.

Consideration the sound liquidity in the market the yield on 7-year mortgage bonds (AZ200100868) in the secondary market has dropped below 3 % and quotes currently within the range of 2.97 % - 2.99 %, according to a member of the Bank's Board and the Chief Director for Investments (CIO), Taleh Kazimov.

To date, there have been deals made in the amount of approx. AZN 3.5 million in this corridor. Less than 4 years are left prior to the reimbursement of this paper that is secured by mortgage bonds. We would like to remind that PASHA Bank was also the first to start rendering market maker services for corporate bonds. As per last year's results, PASHA Bank issued corporate bonds of four emitters (representatives of different areas, including the bank and telecommunications sectors) totaling about AZN 70, 4 million.

The results of PASHA Bank's investment activity appreciated highly by the professional community, therefore the Bank was awarded "The Best Investment Bank of Azerbaijan" by EMEA Finance, the prestigious international financial journal.

PASHA Bank plans to continue strengthening its position as a market professional by organizing issues of new bond issuers, and to develop a secondary market of securities.