PASHA Bank has announced the opening of a regional branch in Shusha city

Azerbaijan's leading corporate bank PASHA Bank has announced the readiness to open a new regional branch of the Bank in the liberated from occupation Shusha city. The relevant decision will be reflected on the new Development Strategy of PASHA Bank for 2021-2023 years.

According to Taleh Kazimov, CEO and Chairman of the Board of PASHA Bank, the liberation of Azerbaijani territories is a turning point in the modern history of our country and became possible thanks to the strong political will of the President, the unity of the Azerbaijani people and their confidence in the President.

"Every citizen of our country, every patriotic Azerbaijani has been looking forward to our national flag waving  againin the liberated lands over the years, and this happy moment has come. Congratulations to each of us on this great victory! - T. Kazimov said. - The liberated territories have exceptional economic potential in agriculture, precious metals extraction, transport and logistics, tourism and hospitality, IT and many other segments of the real sector of the economy. Opening PASHA Bank’s branch in Shusha, we will support the state in the implementation of initiatives aimed at reintegration of the liberated lands. We will apply all our accumulated experience and expertise in real sector to support the development of entrepreneurship in the liberated areas and to help businesses establishing future partnerships both domestically and abroad", - said the Chairman of PASHA Bank.