The Black Sea Trade and Development Bank (BSTDB) will execute bond issuance with the support of PASHA Bank, a leading corporate bank in Azerbaijan.

It will be the first bond issuance by an international financial institution in the history of the Azerbaijan’s capital markets. PASHA Bank extends main advisory support services for the emission. The initial interest of investors in the bonds of BSTDB well exceeded the volume of emission.

The BSTDB bond issue will be held on the 1st of August through an open auction. Terms of the issue are as follows:

Total volume:                                 10,000,000 AZN

Coupon (annual):                             9.25%

Coupon payments:                         quarterly

Nominal value of a single bond:     1000 AZN


About PASHA Bank

PASHA Bank is the largest private bank in Azerbaijan by total equity. PASHA Bank’s Investment Banking services cover debt and equity capital raising solutions, mergers & acquisitions advisory services, syndicated lending arrangements as well as credit rating advisory. Over the recent years PASHA Bank’s investment banking and capital markets activity are highly appreciated by the expert community. Through the years of 2017 and 2018, the bank has been awarded by profound international finance publication “EMEA Finance” with the nomination of “Best Investment Bank of Azerbaijan”.



The Black Sea Trade and Development Bank (BSTDB) is an international financial institution established by 11 member countries including Azerbaijan. The BSTDB headquarters are in Thessaloniki, Greece. BSTDB supports economic development and regional cooperation by providing loans, credit lines, equity and guarantees for projects and trade financing in the public and private sectors in its member countries. The authorized capital of the Bank is EUR 3.45 billion. BSTDB is rated long-term “A-” by Standard and Poor’s and “A2” by Moody’s.