On May 6, PASHA Bank, one of Azerbaijan's largest banks, signed a joint memorandum of understanding on mutual cooperation with Baku City Circuit Operating Company (BCC). According to the agreement,, PASHA Bank will act as a banking service partner of Baku City Circuit Operating Company. The memorandum aims to build a strong partnership and to hold various joint campaigns. It was signed by Aydin Atakishiyev, Member of the Board of PASHA Bank and Bulent Ozerdim, Head of the Commercial Department of BCC.

During the event, Aydin Atakishiyev, a senior manager at PASHA Bank, stated that the Bank provides great support to businesses through strategic partnerships: "Since its establishment, PASHA Bank has positioned itself not only as a bank, but also as a companion for its customer, as a partner always available to provide support. PASHA Bank's employees represent both the highest level of expertise and experience to contribute to the success of their customers' businesses. Owing to these capabilities, our customers will be able to succeed even in the most challenging and complex situations".

Bulent Ozerdim, who took part in the event on behalf of the operating company, noted that mutual cooperation would greatly stimulate competition at the highest level: "We are very proud to cooperate with one of the leading financial institutions of Azerbaijan, PASHA Bank, during a time of full scale preparatory work on the eve of the Formula 1 European Grand Prix, which is to be held in Baku for the first time. Hosting the Formula 1 competition will bring new business opportunities to our city. In order to benefit from this to the largest extent, we should all execute our work to the highest standards. We hope that our joint efforts will contribute to ensure the event is a sound success and to effectively develop mutual cooperation opportunities."

Under the terms of the memorandum, the parties have mutually pledged to present their committed business service to a wider audience.