One of the largest banks of Azerbaijan - PASHA Bank - in cooperation with British Council announces the start of the next Business Journalism programme in Azerbaijan.This is a unique project aimed at strengthening professional competencies and skills of national media through a special training programme tailored to the needs of the selected journalists.

The programme will be implemented in cooperation with the Thomson Foundation which is one of the Europe's biggest media organisations empowering thousands of journalists worldwide to generate and sustain a diverse media and working in over 100 countries towards encouraging the highest ethical and practical standards in media.

The project activities will include design and provision of special media course to ten selected participants and a study tour for the successful journalists (selected based on attendance results and successful completion of the local training sessions) to the UK involving visits to well-known newspapers, magazines and other media establishments and meetings with leading journalists. Our ambition is to have a leading group of journalists setting an example of fair and quality reporting in the country and notably contributing to raising the standards of business reporting in Azerbaijan.

Eligible participants must:
• Have at least 2 years of working experience in journalism
• be working for a national broadcast, print, electronic periodical or online media;
• be available for the training courses for an extended period of time which includes:
a) three training sessions in Baku ((five full days of each training session) in November 2016, January and February 2017)
b) UK Study Tour (March, 2017)

Selection process will include the following stages:
1. Application form and essays
2. Interviews with shortlisted candidates to attend local training sessions
3. Selection for the UK Study Tour (after local training sessions)

All interested applicants should download an application form from the British Council's www.britishcouncil.az website and email with CV to enquires@britishcouncil.az not later than the 30 September 2016.

Shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an interview.

For more information about the project please contact:
Nigar Nasrullayeva
Education Programmes Officer
British Council
T +994 12 497 1593 | F + 994 12 498 9236 

Background information about the programme: PASHA Bank, the British Council and the Thomson Foundation have delivered a benchmark media training project in Azerbaijan over the last five years. Since the start of the project in May 2011, the British Council successfully organised and managed training programme for the leading Azerbaijani journalists covering business topics in the media with final study visit to London and Cardiff, UK. The training course was delivered by experienced trainers from the Thomson Foundation. The project activities included design and provision of up to 15 days of special media course and a study tour of the journalists to the UK involving visits and placements at well-known newspapers, magazines and other media establishments, and meetings with leading British journalists.