PASHA Bank, one of Azerbaijan’s leading banks, sponsored the "Crisis creates new possibilities" seminar, which was held in Baku on 3 April, 2015. The seminar was aimed at businessmen and entrepreneurs and was organised with the support of the National Confederation of Entrepreneurs of Azerbaijan (NCEA).

The event focused on the aftermath of the recent global financial crisis, particularly the effect this is having on Azerbaijan’s economy. More than 100 entrepreneurs and representatives of analytical centres attended the event. The workshop was led by experts from a range of organisations, including Azerbaijan’s National Assembly, the Ministry of Economy and Industry of Azerbaijan and PASHA Bank.

Taleh Kazimov, Member of the Executive Board and Chief Investment Officer of PASHA Bank, commented: “Any turbulence in the world market creates new business opportunities and this event was designed to educate local businessmen on how best to capitalise on these. High-calibre speakers who are experts in how to do business in difficult market conditions took part in the event, giving seminar participants the chance to learn from the past experiences of others. This workshop was an excellent platform not only for training local businessmen, but also for exchanging views on how to further develop the country and we hope to participate in more events of a similar nature in the future.”