A programme aimed towards enhancing the professional skills and abilities of local journalists covering economic and business topics has been a success.

For the programme finale, PASHA Bank, together with the British Council, arranged for local journalists to visit Great Britain to gain first-hand exposure to the European media environment. During this visit, Azerbaijani journalists had the chance to learn how British news agencies operate and gain one-to-one advice from their foreign counterparts. As part of this week-long trip, the journalists visited a range of global mass media organizations, including the Financial Times, the BBC and the Guardian. In addition, the programme participants went to meetings in the Houses of Parliament, visited the London Stock-Exchange and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and attended a business dinner with the representatives of the Azerbaijan Embassy in Great Britain, which further enhanced their learning experience.

The Chairman of the Board of PASHA Bank, Farid Akhundov, commented, "In accordance with our transparent business policy, PASHA Bank is keen for journalists covering economic topics to possess the highest level of knowledge and to have the opportunity to learn from their foreign colleagues. With the support of PASHA Bank and the British Council, this programme has proved to be an excellent way to achieve these objectives."

The key aim of this project was to give Azerbaijan's leading business and economic journalists the unique opportunity to gain exposure to European media practices and to acquire new skills that they will then be able to apply in their day-to-day work. PASHA Bank places such projects at the heart of its Social Responsibility Programme.

11 journalists from Azerbaijan's print and electronic media, as well as from radio and television, including representatives from "AzerTaj", ANS TV, AzTV, İTV, radio "Azadlig", "Echo", 1 news, "Turan", "Trend", ANN, "Caspi", were selected to participate in this project organised jointly by PASHA Bank and the British Council.

Following the success of this project, another programme focused on developing national business journalism will be launched in the near future. Further details will be published in the second half of the year.