As a responsible corporate citizen of Azerbaijan, PASHA Bank supports talented young people and funds scholarship program for students of Azerbaijani universities.

The project, implemented jointly with the Union of Youth Student Organizations of Azerbaijan, is aimed at encouraging talented and socially active students of local universities, as well as to reinforce the development of a strong human resource pool for the private and public sectors. PASHA Bank strongly believes that today's active and successful students are not just tomorrow's highly skilled professionals, but also the main driving force behind the socio-economic development of Azerbaijan.

The preference will be given to the students, who actively participate at competitions and student contests, are engaged in social activities and strive for continuous development both as an individual and a professional. PASHA Bank encourages the best students, by motivating them to work harder, at the same time shaping more socially responsible future generation

The main purpose of the scholarship program is to develop youth awareness, to support, recognize and reward talented individuals whose intellectual potential will serve the further development and future achievement of the country.

University students studying at the faculties of economics (finance and credit, international economic relations, audit, applied mathematics, etc.) and committed to the personal and professional development are eligible to take part in the competition. .

The board consisting of the representatives of PASHA Bank and Union of Youth Student Organizations of Azerbaijan will meet short-listed candidates for the interview and then select 10 students who will receive a monthly stipend of AZN 100 throughout a year.

To apply for scholarship the students will be required to complete the online form posted in the official website of the Union of Youth Student Organizations of Azerbaijan at www.atgti.az.

Due to the accelerated pace of social and economic development of Azerbaijan, PASHA Bank in its new strategy for 2012-2014 will focus on strengthening of direct involvement in the social life of the country. As PASHA Bank is committed to conducting honest and transparent business, it will continue initiating projects that are contributing to the development and support of the youth in the areas of education and sports.