The final stage of the essay competition on the subject "Corporate identity: why reliability of companies is so important" was held on 09.06.2011 in the Araz conference hall of ISR Plaza business center. 5 out of 114 contestants passed into the final stage of the competition. Baba Agayev, Gunay Miriyeva, Nargiz Alizadeh, Nargiz Eldarova and Xayala Sadigova made speech with the presentation prepared on the basis of their essay, shared thoughts around the subject and addressed the questions of another contestants.

Farid Akhundov, the head of the board of judges, congratulated all of the contestants on passing into the final stage of the competition and noted their skillful coverage of the subject presented in their essays. He also noted that the contestants accomplished to present their views reflected in their essay sufficiently enough to cause the interest of the listeners.

Board of judges consisting of Farid Akhundov, the Head of the Board of Directors, Emil Hajiyev the member of the Board of Directors, Sona Abbasova the director of Public Relations and Marketing Department, Irada Dadashova the representative of Union of Azerbaijan Student Youth Organizations and the representatives of the Embassy of Norway Elmira Mirzayeva and Hansen Lars Ragnar Aaleruddan evaluated the authors of the essays on the basis of subject coverage, presentation, knowledge of foreign language, adaptability and communication skills.

The contestants made the following scores: Baba Agayev - 143, Gunay Miriyeva - 156, Nargiz Alizadeh 164, Nargiz Eldarova 179, Xayala Sadigova 130. The Board of Judges, as a result of the evaluation, awarded Nargiz Eldarova and Nargiz Alizadeh with I and II places respectively, plus 4-month summer program education in Oslo Business College, and Gunay Miriyeva with 3rd place and internship in "Pasha Bank" OJSC.