PASHA Bank, one of the largest banks in Azerbaijan, introduces Internet banking service with further functionalities. Alongside with previously introduced features, improved internet banking service enables Bank's customers to save their precious time and benefit from more convenient and larger capacity banking services 24/7 from anywhere.

As PASHA Bank Chief Commercial Officer Melih Mengu mentioned, the majority of banking operations could be processed via e-environment through advanced technologies: "Currently up to 70% of PASHA Bank operations are processed through Internet banking service and it is the manifestation of trust of PASHA Bank's customers in this service and the user-friendliness this new system enables for users".

It should also be noted that PASHA Bank's improved Internet banking service allows users to process various payments at the same time and transfer staff salaries with one-touch option. Moreover, it enables to process intra-bank, intra-country, international, tax and budget payments, generate recurrent regular payment orders, approve payments through ASAN signature in addition to one-time OTP code, process individual and standard rate based currency exchange operations, review letter of credits and bank guarantees, receive detailed account statements and benefit from other features. Moreover, as a result of continuous improvements initiated in the course of last months, PASHA Bank Internet banking service allows private entrepreneurs and legal entities to benefit from below brought additional features:

- To benefit from longer operation days and favourable banking operations fees;
- To ensure continuity of business operations through processing mass-scale and regular recurrent payments;
- To benefit from all-round and detailed analyses on all processed payments and money transfers, including salary payments;
- To generate and sign payments, introduce relevant limits for users and use of other control tools;
- To enable trade sector to review details of not only payments and money transfers, but also payments processed through POS terminals and commercial websites and initiate real-time business analysis.

The reason behind addressing the demand of this type of clients and introduction of this service ahead of other financial institutions lies in the fact that PASHA Bank defined digital banking concept as a priority task. One of the key principles of Bank's operation is to support development of its clients businesses. To achieve this goal, PASHA Bank partners not only with banks, but also with Financial technology and technological companies in its service ecosystem to introduce actual solutions for its clients.