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Appealing conditions for insurance services against any risk

About the product

PASHA Bank is not limited to financial customer support. In order to increase the quality of work for its clients and their friends, it offers to take advantage of special insurance tariffs from PASHA Insurance и PASHA Life Insurance

Who can use

Individual entrepreneurs and legal entities, as well as their employees


Appealing tariffs

Guaranteed insured sum

Expedited Payment Procedure

Health insurance for individuals

We will help you to insure


Description and Advantages

Property insurance

• A comprehensive insurance solution designed for insurance coverage of your apartment or house
• All packages include both protection against many risks and annoyances, as well as insurance of your liability to the third party

Voluntary vehicle insurance

• Voluntary insurance of the vehicle against all kinds of risks

Medical insurance for legal entities

• Employee insurance against illness and other injuries
• Service in the most prestigious medical institutions of the country

Endowment Insurance

• You save some of payment which should be paid to State Social Protection Fund of Republic of Azerbaijan and income tax from the amount paid to insurance company in your account
• Deposit income, life insurance, less tax payment

Individual medical insurance for payroll card holders

• For the first time, PASHA Bank provides an opportunity for SME clients to receive individual health insurance. This opportunity is given to employees of companies who receive salary via PASHA Bank plastic cards, as well as to their family members
• Service in the most prestigious medical institutions of the country

Travel Insurance

• 24-hour medical care
• No franchise
• Insurance policy meets all requirements of visa centers

All types of compulsory insurance

• Here you can get any kind of compulsory insurance

How to get insurance policy?


Appeal to the Bank's Business Centers or fill in the application below


Choose type of insurance


Make a contract and get an insurance policy

Apply or place a request

For a business with annual turnover up to 8 million

Are you a legal entity/private entrepreneur?*:

For additional information please contact PASHA Bank Business Centers, Contact Center at (994 12) 496 50 04 /*8123 or email address.



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