PASHA Bank has partnered with US-
Azerbaijan Chamber of Commerce (USACC)
to conduct 2017 Annual Conference
Annual Conference of the US-
Azerbaijan Chamber of Commerce, was
held in Washington, DC in March 2017. More
than 250 representatives from 30 various
organizations, including diplomatic missions,
business associations, large banks, investment
associations and other institutions attended
the assembly.
During the conference, experts from
both countries discussed the changes in the
global economy in light of falling oil prices, the
impact of this development on the economies
of Azerbaijan and the US, and future prospects
for further developing trade ties between
these countries. The agenda of the event also
included topics related to economic reforms
and new business opportunities; development
of the non-oil sector and attraction of foreign
investments; and the future development of
public-private partnerships in Azerbaijan.
PASHA Bank has partnered with 100
Business Women of Azerbaijan initiative to
conduct “SHE” Congress
SHE (Smart, Happy, Elegant) Congress,
which was held in Baku on March 28, 2017 is
an international event designed to empower
women and create an environment in which
women can share advice and experience
issues from maintaining healthy work-life to
career development.
A broad range of topics were discussed at
the event, including the stereotypes women
face in business, gender equality in companies,
female participation in Azerbaijan’s political
life and the difficulties women can experience
when balancing their career aspirations with
family life.
PASHA Bank has partnered with
Center for Economic Reforms Analysis and
Communication and the American Chamber
of Commerce in Azerbaijan (AmCham) for
“Economic Reforms: Achieved Results and
Recommendations” Conference
A conference on “Economic Reforms:
Achieved Results and Recommendations,” co-
organized by the Center for Economic Reforms
Analysis and Communication and the American
Chamber of Commerce in Azerbaijan (AmCham),
was held on May 30, 2017 to raise awareness on
economic reforms, ensuring close participation
of private sector in the process of reforms and
generally contributing to further increase in
inclusiveness and eectiveness of the reforms.
PASHA Bank has partnered with
Azerbaijan Association of Micro-financing
(AMFA): for “Investors’ Fair 2017
The fifth installment of “Investors’ Fair,
took place in October 6, 2017. The main goal of
the event was to attract foreign investors to
support development of small and medium-
sized businesses in regions across the country.
More than 100 representatives of both
the private and public sectors took part in
the conference. The theme of this year was
The Future of Microfinancing: Challenges and
Capabilities.” Among those in attendants were
representatives of banks, non-bank lending
institutions, investment firms, market regulators
(Central Bank of Azerbaijan, Chamber of
Supervision over Financial Markets), as well as
International Finance Corporation, and National
Confederation of Entrepreneurs (Employers’)
Organizations of the Azerbaijan Republic. Other