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Accepting non-cash payments at retail stores

About product

The service of accepting bank card payments will help you to boost your sales and number of customers

Who can use it?

Any entity selling goods or services



No risk of accepting fake banknotes or robbery of cash revenue


When paying contactless, there is no need to insert the card in the terminal and for payments below 50 AZN PIN code is not required


Control of accounts through Internet bank and convenient statements sent to e-mail at least once a day

How does it work?


After choosing a product/service, the client presents a card for payment


The cashier enters the amount on the terminal and reads the card on the device and Customer enters PIN code


After getting confirmation, the terminal prints 2 copies of the receipt


A card with one copy of the receipt is returned to the client and the second copy remains at the cashier

Integration of POS-terminal with cash register

• No need to repeat operation the POS terminal manually
• Reduce workload and save customer service time
How does it work?
• Information on non-cash payments is synchronized between the POS terminal and the cash register automatically
• The cashier processes the purchase on the cash register and selects payment method - bank card
• The cash register sends data directly to the bank terminal, the buyer enters a PIN code if necessary
• In case of a successful transaction, the terminal sends response back to the cash register

How to join?


Approach the Bank's Business Centers


Become our customer and provide us information about the location for installation of the terminal


We will install the terminal at time convenient for you


Read the simple instructions and get started!

Other kinds of acquiring

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For a business with annual turnover up to 8 million

Are you a legal entity/private entrepreneur?*:

For additional information please contact PASHA Bank Business Centers, Contact Center at (994 12) 496 50 04 /*8123 or email address.



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