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  • PAŞA Bank Çin Xalq Respublikasının sahibkarları ilə ticarət əlaqələri olan Kiçk və Orta sahibkarlara dəstəyini gücləndirir
  • PASHA Bank bank account: free and without visiting the bank

Tariff package “Classic+”

Starting level of work with bank with focus on POS, cash operations


Entrepreneurs joined to the tariff package receive a free cash withdrawal limit and preferential tariffs for POS terminal and many other banking operations

Tariffs and terms


One-time connection fee

 50 AZN (50% discount - digital Onboarding)

Monthly service fee

 20 AZN

Cash withdrawal

 Free limit
In the current account – Total up to 1 000 AZN payments

 Above free limit – 0.4%

Standard local payments

 0.17 % (min. 2 AZN – max. 200 AZN)

Urgent local payments

 0.20% (min. 3 AZN - max. 300 AZN)

International payments

 0.35 % (min. 40 USD/EUR – max. 450 USD/EUR)

Foreign exchange

 Bank sell – 0.4%

 Bank buy – 0%


 1.9% - Cards of foreign banks

 1.5% - Cards of local banks

 2.2 % - JCB/UP cards

 4% - AMEX/Dinners Club cards

Corporate/Tajir card
(first issuance (3 years period))


Custom card (Local)



Corporate/Tajir card for optimization cash and non cash operations

Customs card for the payment of customs duties

Account management via Internet Bank

Ability to save up to 50% and optimally control the costs of banking operations

How to open an account?


Send "duplicate certificate“


Go to “Onboarding”


Sign in with your ASAN Imza


Select tariff package and open an account

Apply or place a request

For a business with annual turnover up to 8 million

Are you a legal entity/private entrepreneur?*:

For additional information please contact PASHA Bank Business Centers, Contact Center at (994 12) 496 50 04 /*8123 or email address.



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