PASHA Bank, one of Azerbaijan's largest banks, has received the Participant of the Year and Leading Company Promoting Gender Equality awards from the Azerbaijan Micro-finance Association (AMFA).

Commenting on receiving the awards, PASHA Bank's Chairman of the Board Taleh Kazimov highlighted how the Bank has been successfully cooperating with AMFA for the past two years, particularly on implementing PASHA Bank's credit programme, which supports non-bank credit organisations and credit unions.

Mr Kazimov added: "We're delighted that our work has once again been recognised by the finance community. The professionalism of our team is the key behind our success and is what has enabled us to compete not only locally but also on the international markets. We are proud that over 40% of our team is female and that women are represented in the Bank's top management. We enjoy working with AMFA and are sure that our cooperation with the Association will continue in the future."

PASHA Bank has continually been recognised by the international financial community as the leader of Azerbaijan's banking market. The Bank has received several prestigious awards, including ‘Best Bank of Azerbaijan' from EMEA Finance and ‘Trade Award 2014' from Commerzbank AG.