PASHA Bank has demonstrated its commitment to fostering young talent with the announcement of the 2013 Scholarship Competition. Following on the successful rollout of the programme in 2012, the project, in partnership with the Union of Azerbaijan Young Student Organizations, focuses on identifying and awarding students from local higher education institutions in Azerbaijan.

University students majoring in Economic sciencies (finance and credit, international economic relations, audit, applied mathematics etc,) are invited to participate in this year's competiton. Applications from a variety of backgrounds will be considered, with special consideration given to students striving for both personal and professional development. A total of 12 scholars will be selected. Applicants are required to complete the questionnaire posted on the Azerbaijan Youth Student Organizations' website at www.atgti.az.

PASHA Bank's strategy for 2012 to 2014 includes increasing contributions to public life as social and economic development in the country continues to prosper. The Bank continues to support a variety of projects aimed at developing and promoting the next generation in the areas of education, sport, and other professions.