The presentation of the book "Interviewees and interviewers" written by Baba Agayev and Marina Uliniuc took place in the library of the Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy this week. The book describes the most common mistakes candidates make during an interview with an employer, advises the methods of their elimination; teaches competent communication techniques to be used during the employment process, and reveals many other secrets of successful employment.

Sona Abbasova, the Director of PR and marketing Department of PASHA Bank, the official sponsor of the publication of the collection has noted that supporting such projects is one of the main priorities of the Bank's Corporate Social Responsibility Program. "Our view is that the most profitable investments are the ones made towards the development of knowledge and self-development of Azeri youth, i.e. current high school and college students who will become "the driving forces" of our economy tomorrow. Fostering this process is our priority." emphasized S. Abbasova.

In the book, the authors B. Agayev and M. Uliniuc used unique material from interviews they have conducted with the heads and deputy heads of HR departments of the leading companies operating in Azerbaijan such as PASHA Bank, SOCAR, PwC, Ernst & Young, Golden Pay, and others.