PASHA Bank, Azerbaijan’s leading corporate banking institution, attends the 40th SIBOS conference and exhibition hosted in Sydney, Australia.

Being the premier annual event for banks, SIBOS reunites thousands of delegates representing the globe’s top financial institutions, business advisory and consultancy firms, banking and finance software and mobile application developers. Following its previous experience, PASHA Bank attends the conference and participates at the specialized exhibition of banking technologies.

SIBOS 2018 Sydney has been convened to address topical issues of the financial sector. The theme of the 2018 conference is “Enabling Digital Economy” that focuses on the readiness of market players to sustain their operations in the digital environment.

Dedicated sessions will be an opportunity for experts to exchange views on a new role the banks with regard to ongoing and future developments, as well as technological trends in the financial sector, cybersecurity standards and minimization of the corresponding risks, outlook for the promotion of block chain technologies, and other issues that have a multifaceted impact on the development of financial sector.

According to Mr. Taleh Kazimov, PASHA Bank’s CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board, SIBOS is a vital platform for leading financial institutions to produce fundamental trends for the global financial sector development, in addition to setting up business relations and broadening the existing horizons of cooperation.

Mr. Kazimov states: “The 2018-2020 strategic period implies the stage of PASHA Bank’s business model transformation and transition to vigorous actions to apply digital tools and agile approaches. Consequently, our attendance at this high-level and large-scale event provides us, a leading corporate bank in Azerbaijan, with access to internationally accepted best practices in our respective fields of activity. I am confident of our capacity to yet strengthen our dominance in the local market in terms of digitalized decision-making, upon having ourselves acquainted with the experiences of leading international financial institutions.”

PASHA Bank has proved itself as an active participant of SIBOS conference and exhibition events over the past nine years. Organized by the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT), the event will be hosted in London next year.