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PASHA Bank become the first bank in Azerbaijan introduced "Asan Imza" digital mobile certificate in personal banking branches

The electronic certificate "Asan İmza" can be obtained in one of the most innovatively oriented banks of the country - PASHA Bank.

Mobile e-signature technology "Asan İmza" is an electronic identity card that allows customers to use a range of banking products and services through a computer or mobile device. In addition to saving time spent to visit Bank's branch, this technology ensures reliability and full security of customer authorization and subsequent processing of banking operations. "Asan İmza" allows customers of PASHA Bank to easily use banking products and services anywhere in the world in 24/7 format.

"Asan Imza" SIM card could be obtained at PASHA Bank Individual banking branch, "ASAN Xidmet" centres, as well as customer service centres of mobile operators by presenting an identity card.

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