Leading corporate bank of Azerbaijan - PASHA Bank – has been recognized as "Transparent tax partner". This status is assigned by the Ministry of Taxes to companies represented in various sectors of the economy that observe the conditions of transparency while conducting business activities.

According to Taleh Kazimov, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Executive Board of PASHA Bank, receipt of this status fully reflects the Bank's commitment to conducting transparent financial activities in national and regional markets.

"Conducting of economic reforms and increasing the attractiveness of the investment climate in the country wouldn’t be feasible without observation of principles of transparency in the market. In the light of this, the application of the practice of the "Transparent Tax Partnership" is an actual and timely initiative aimed at strengthening partnerships between taxpayers and regulative bodies, which ultimately exerts positive impact on building the capacity of the Azerbaijani economy," summed up T. Kazimov.

PASHA Bank is one of very few participants of the Azerbaijani banking market, recognized as a "Transparent Tax Partner". To receive this status, a market participant must meet a number of criteria, including ensuring the timely payment of taxes in full and providing relevant accountability, the use of a strengthened electronic signature, conducting of accounting in accordance with local and international standards, as well as other conditions.