PASHA Bank, leading corporate bank of Azerbaijan, has introduced Recycled ATMs for the clients. Both our citizens and foreigners visiting Azerbaijan will be able to benefit from cash-in transactions via their bank cards and to exchange foreign currencies into manat without approaching banks through ATMs that accommodate the functions of both cash dispenser and automatic currency exchange machine at any time of day.

Another distinctive feature of Recycled ATMs is that other bank card owners who want to make cash-in transaction could easily receive money accepted by ATMs. Unlike standard ATMs, in recycled ATMs the sections for accepting of cash and dispensing of cash are interconnected and due to this advantage introduced by PASHA Bank entrepreneurs will be able to put all cash collected throughout the day into ATM by minimizing encashment fees and the same cash could be withdrawn by other card owners.

As was highlighted by PASHA Bank Chief Commercial Officer, Melih Mengu, against background of revival of local businesses within the country and continuous increase of tourist flow into the country, expansion of utilization of such know-how is further contribution made into development of country's non-oil economy. Melih Mengu concluded that: "PASHA Bank targeting development of digital banking services and meeting the demand of real sector, in order to address demands of its clients, will continue to introduce new services and solutions developed based on international experience and expertise.

It should also be noted that Recycled ATMs were put into operation at JW Marriot Absheron, Baku Boulevard Hotel, Bilgah Beach Hotel and Four Seasons hotels.