Payroll (salary) cards

Payroll (salary) cards are the cards used by employers for payment of salaries, bonuses and other types of compensations to their employees.

Salaries, bonuses and similar compensations are paid against single payment order of the company and list of its employees. On the basis of the company payment order the Bank transfers the funds from current account to salary card accounts opened in the names of the company employees.

Salary cards enable cardholders to perform cashless payments in retail and service points of Azerbaijan and about 200 countries of the world, as well as make on-line payments, withdraw cash from banks and ATM's.

PASHA Bank may place overdraft limit on salary cards pursuant to individual application of employees and subject to the company’s approval. Employees will have an ability to make transactions exceeding the balance in the card account.

To ensure fully convenient usage of the cards by the company employees, PASHA Bank may consider installation of ATM in the territory of the company.

In contrast to existing practice in the country, depending on tariff grid PASHA Bank may not charge any withdrawal fees for the cash withdrawn by salary cardholders in PASHA Bank’s ATM’s or ATM’s of other banks in Azerbaijan.

Advantages of card

• It eliminates time, workload, additional expenses and risks related to transportation, storage, security, calculation and distribution of cash salaries to employees;
• Workload and time spent by accounting department in relation with salary payment is considerably reduced, funds are automatically transferred to card accounts by the Bank, reporting and control processes are improved;
• There are no queues in front of company treasury unit for salaries and related workload of the treasury is completely eliminated;
• Confidentiality of salaries is ensured more reliably;
• Employees do not need to spare time to receive salary, all employees are paid at the same time;
• The usage of salary cards grows the prestige of company among the public and personnel, increases the employee’s respect and loyalty to the employer;
• Personnel are able to use other opportunities and additional services offered by bank cards, therefore employee convenience and satisfaction increases;
• Personnel are able to perform transactions exceeding the card balance within the overdraft limit individually placed by the Bank on salary cards.

Main terms of card

Card type

Visa Debit and MasterCard Debit

Visa Gold and MasterCard Gold

Card term 3 years
Card account currency AZN
Overdraft amount In the amount til 80% of net salary amount
Additional card services Card-to-Card
SMS Banking
PİN Change
24/7 urgent blocking


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