Corporate Card

Visa MasterCard Business Corporate Card is a credit card used by management and personnel of a company in business trips, for overheads and other administrative expenses related to the business activity of the company.

Corporate Card enables cardholders to perform cashless payments in sales and service entities of Azerbaijan and about 200 countries of the world, as well as make on-line payments, withdraw cash from banks and ATM's.

Advantages of card

- Company receives an opportunity to pay business trips, overhead and other administrative expenses using credit line allocated by the Bank and offering no interest during grace period;
- More convenient and prompt payment of business trip and overhead expenses, purchase of plane and other tickets, room booking in a hotel, car rental, payment of utility, communication and other administrative expenses;
- Accounting and payment control is easier and effective, reduces accounting work load;
- Cash transactions for payments decreases, there is no challenges and psychological inconveniences related to request for cash for each payment and return the remaining cash after payment, reporting and controlling cash payments;
- Management and personnel receive opportunity to easily and accurately separate business expenses from personal ones;
- There is no need to declare cash in customs during business trips to 200 countries of the world, no difficulties in an effort to ensure security of cash abroad and in currency exchange;
- Ability to make easy on-line card payments from the office or any other place with Internet connection eliminates time spent to road and additional paperwork;
- PASHA Bank may place restrictions on certain transactions (e.g. bets, etc.) at company's request.

Main terms of card

Card type Visa Business or MasterCard Business
Card price (service fee) 40 AZN (20 USD/EUR/GBP)
Card term 3 years
Card account currency AZN/USD/EUR/GBP
Grace period Up to 35 days (till 5th of the next month)
Payment date Till 5th of the next month

Additional card services

SMS Banking
PİN Change
24/7 urgent blocking
Urgent card replacement
Urgent cash withdrawals
Travel Insurance

Corporate Card can be used both as credit card and debit card. Card holder can deposit his/her own amount into card account and do operations within the card balance or can benefit from the credit line of the card.

For additional information please contact PASHA Bank Business Centers, Contact Center at (994 12) 496 50 04 /*8123 or email address.,771/lang,en/