All PASHA Bank JSC salary cardholders can benefit from advance loan opportunity with 0%.

• Long term grace period is up to 50 days. Thus, interest rate is not to be calculated if the used amount is paid until the 20-th day of the following month
Usage fee for:
Cash and non-cash transactions: 1%
• The payment of the credit card will be deducted automatically during the transfer to the salary card
• The credit limit period is 12-36 months
• Credit limit amount can be up to one salary amount

• Only PASHA Bank salary cardholders can get advance loan. Final decision on loan is made upon the assessment of customer
• Age limits: minimum 20, maximum 60 before the termination of loan
• Minimum 6 months of experience at current workplace

• ID card • Certificate from workplace

To apply for loan, use PASHA Bank Mobile Bank application.

Mobile bank application can be downloaded from the links below:

Get it on Google Play
Get it on Google Play
      Download on the App Store
Download on the App Store