PASHA Bank offers Contactless POS terminal services for retail and service enterprises in order to receive cashless payments in more quickly and convenient way.

The Contactless POS terminal provide advantages of payment without card’s PIN number entering, when the amount of payment is not greater than 20 AZN.

Advantages and abilities of Contactless POS terminal:

- Decreased cash acceptance and counting workload at the register;
- Cashiers adopt using the Contactless POS terminal very fast, and this will reduce the serving time of each customer;
- Increased sales volumes due to quicker payments through contactless transactions;
- Reduced necessity in small bills and coins used as a change for customers;
- Reduced risk of storage of cash at the register;
- Reduced risks of accepting false banknotes at the registers;

PASHA Bank provides full training on terminal operation to salespersons and finance officers of sales and service entities during the installation of POS terminals.