Acquiring (POS Terminal) Services

E-Commerce (Virtual POS)

PASHA Bank offers E-Commerce services to retail and service entities to accept card payments for selling goods and services via on-line shops and corporate websites.

Advantages of E-Commerce (Virtual POS):

- Promotion of your goods and services among potential customer audience through establishment of new 24/7 sales channels;
- Attraction of additional customers and increase in sales as a result of enabling on-line payment option for Visa and MasterCard holders;
- Attraction of customers unable to visit shops and offices due to variety of reasons (e.g. inability to leave work during work hours, living too far from retailer, having problems with transport and traffic jams, etc.) and increase in sales;
- Reduced rental, salary and other overhead expenses for physical sales channels as a result of establishment of on-line sales function (decrease in demand for larger shops and numerous sales persons);
- Reduction of workload, expenses and risks related to acceptance of cash and collection services at the cash register of your shop due to on-line sales;
- Simplified sales analysis as a result of on-line reporting;
- Increase in customer satisfaction and building of competitive advantage.

PASHA Bank successfully passed Visa International and MasterCard International payment systems safety certification and, as a result, safety of card payments is ensured at high level.,786/lang,en/