Composition of Human Resources and Remuneration Committee
1. Chairman of the Supervisory Board - Mir Jamal Pashayev - Chairman of the Committee;
2. First Deputy Director of “PASHA Holding” LLC - Jalal Gasimov - Independent Member of the Committee;
3. “PASHA Holding” LLC Group Director of HR and Administrative Work - Aytan Abbasli - Independent Member of the Committee;
4. “PASHA Holding” LLC Deputy Director and Business Group Director - Farid Mammadov - Independent Member of the Committee;
5. Chairman of the Executive Board, Chief Executive Officer - Taleh Kazimov - Member of the Committee;
6. “PASHA Bank” OJSC, Member of the Executive Board, Chief Risk Officer - Hayala Naghiyeva;
7. Director of Department of Human Resources – Parviz Tahirov - Member of the Committee.

Functions of the committee:
• Viewing and issuing conclusions on remuneration and schemes of the motivation principles of bank staff, as well as policies and regulations on the same matter;
• Ensuring regulations governing award system to be in accordance with the rules of risk management of the bank;
• Review and issuance of conclusions about regulatory documents submitted by the Executive Board on the system of evaluation of the Bank's employees, recruitment, retention and dismissal;
• Reviewing amount of the annual remuneration for the Bank's staff and submitting proposals to the Supervisory Board for consideration;
• Monitoring the remuneration process, including, at least once a year, assess the effectiveness of the remuneration system in conjunction with the Risk Management Committee;
• Ensuring the effective participation of members of the Executive Board in the implementation of remuneration policy for priority positions in Human Resources Management and the governing bodies of the Bank.