Internal committees

Procurement Committee

Composition of Procurement Committee
1. PASHA Bank, Director of Financial Management Department, Jamil Mammadov - Chairman
2. PASHA Bank, Risk Management Director, Orkhan Vahabov – Member
3. PASHA Bank, Director of Compliance and AML Department, Aynura Ismayilzade – Member;
4. PASHA Bank, Corporate Banking Chapter Lead, Bahman Orujov – Member
5. PASHA Bank, Head of Procurement division, Jami Imamaliyev - Member
6. PASHA Holding, Manager of Group Finance and IT department, Malik Abdullayev – Non-voting Member.

Functions of the committee:
• Provide necessary feedback on all critical, technical and commercial aspects of the procurement operations;
• Provide recommendations for periodic updating and improvement of procurement policies and procedures;
• Review significant procurement strategies, recommendations, changes and other contractual obligations on the award criteria;
• To make proposals on policy and rules on the procurement process and to review and approve the instructions within its competence.,1696/lang,en/