Collection Services

Any company faces challenges and dangers when transporting cash and other valuables.

In order to eliminate these customer risks PASHA Bank offers secure transportation of cash and valuables (collection services).

Advantages of collection services

- Collection services are provided by professional security team of the Bank
- Security team is equipped with armored vehicles and special tools
- Bank insures transported cash and other valuables at its own cost
- Bank gives full guarantee and bears material liability for the security of cash and other valuables.
- Cash and other valuables are transported from an entity to the Bank and vice versa, as well as between other addresses.
- At customer's request, cash is counted and wrapped.

Conditions of collection services

Transportation of cash and valuables is performed with complete confidentiality at time periods agreed with the customer.

For additional information please contact PASHA Bank Business Centers, Contact Center at (994 12) 496 50 04 /*8123 or email address.,761/lang,en/