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PASHA Bank supports a young entrepreneurs’ business forum

PASHA Bank, one of Azerbaijan's largest banks, has sponsored a business forum for young entrepreneurs in Lankaran and Khachmaz.
The forum saw representatives of PASHA Bank come together to speak to young entrepreneurs about how small businesses are established and financed.

Mr. Vugar Aliyev, the head of the Ganjlik Service Centre at PASHA Bank, discussed new banking products, services and credit opportunities with project participants. A representative of PASHA Bank also provided advice on writing business proposals, how to assess opportunities and identify risks, how to structure and plan businesses, how to access to financial resources and how to set up financial accounting structures.

The forum was organised by the Junior Achievements Azerbaijan NGO as part of the Sustainable Youth Enterprises Development Programme, which is jointly supported by the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the NGO Junior Achievement Azerbaijan (JAA) and PASHA Bank.

The Sustainable Youth Enterprises Development Programme was established by PASHA Bank and JAA in order to provide essential knowledge and skills to young people in Azerbaijan for establishing and managing private enterprises.,941/lang,en/