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PASHA Bank holds student Open Day

PASHA Bank, one of Azerbaijan's largest banks, has held an Open Day for students of the ‘School of Young Entrepreneurs' summer school with the support of the ‘Business-Dialogue' business club. The event was organised as part of the Central Bank of Azerbaijan's ‘Financial Literacy' project, which commercial banks across Azerbaijan have been involved in.
During the event, the students listened to a number of engaging and interactive presentations, including ‘What are credits and deposits?', ‘Why are plastic cards needed?' and ‘Banking operations from home'. PASHA Bank employees also explained the Bank's recruitment process and how performance is assessed, as well as the opportunities employees have to enhance their skills. After the presentations, the students were taken on a tour of the Bank, during which they learnt about the Bank's growth plans for the years ahead, observed how customers were being serviced and saw first-hand how the Bank's traders work. The event ended with the students being presented with souvenirs from the day.,905/lang,en/