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PASHA Bank supports the final stage of the Sustainable Enterprise Development Programme

On the 12th of February 2016, the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Azerbaijan Youth Achievements NGO with support of PASHA Bank, one of the country's largest banks, held a "Future Business Conference" to mark the final stage of the Sustainable Enterprises Development Programme aimed at the development of regional youth entrepreneurship.

In her opening speech Shirin Aliyeva, Member of the Executive Board and Chief Legal Officer of PASHA Bank stressed that, in addition to various financial services and products offered by the Bank it also strives to contribute to the country's sustainable development and public well-being.

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility, PASHA Bank heavily invests in the education and development of entrepreneurs and young people in Azerbaijan. Mrs. Aliyeva added: "One of the key objectives of our Bank is to ensure that young entrepreneurs receive an economic education, and that they are equipped with preparedness for work and to assist them in fulfilling their future potential."
As part of the "Future Business Conference", the seven best future business plans were presented by young entrepreneurs and evaluated by a group of experts. Three of the best business plans were selected based on the degree of implementability, competitiveness, innovativeness and financial viability.

The Sustainable Youth Enterprises Development Programme was established by PASHA Bank and the NGO Junior Achievement Azerbaijan (JAA) in September 2015 in order to provide essential knowledge and skills to young people in Azerbaijan for establishing and managing private enterprises.,942/lang,en/